Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Chicago Baby Ruth`s and Butterfingers hockey teams.

Here we have the logo for the Chicago Baby Ruth hockey team, unfortunately like so many of these amateur hockey teams it is extremely difficult to find pictures showing their logos.
This was one of the main reasons my starting these blogs in the hope of getting information. So if you have anything that could be of interest please contact me.
Both the Baby Ruth and the Butterfinger teams played in the Chicago Amateur hockey association  during the 1930`s.
The teams must have been sponsored by the makers of the two candy bars Curtiss Candy.
                      The Curtiss Candy company was founded in 1916 by Otto Schnering near Chicago, Illinois. The first candy made was "Kandykake" later refashioned in 1921 as the log- shaped "Baby Ruth" their second confectionary item was the chocolate covered peanut butter crunch "Butterfinger" which was introduced in 1931.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Charlie Chaplin Ice-Hockey Team.

Here is my first blog so bare with me. I am a hockey nut from the UK and fell in love with hockey many moons ago.
                   The NHL fascinated me with all of their fancy logo`s on their jersey`s and the nicknames they used. I craved more and more and read books after books on the history of this wonderful game.
                 Over the last few years I have been researching and reading about the early days of hockey, the grass roots of hockey, the good old days of Company and Industrial leagues.
                  These leagues and their were hundreds of them sprung up everywhere and gave employees a chance to keep fit playing a sport they all loved, playing against other companies teams from the area.
Here we have the Charlie Chaplins of the Whitby Town League. Lost in the sands of time perhaps the reason they were named after the great man other than the fact he was so popular at the time. Mr Chaplin himself was a very keen and able roller hockey player who played for Karno alongside Stan Laurel.
I hope you enjoyed this first instalment and will read my future posts.
Happy Hockey Jeff.